2024 January 28th The Crests and the Martano Beech Forest

19 January 2024 / By admin
Walking on the crests of Monte Martano, among meadows and spectacular views of the Umbrian Valley and the Tiber Valley, then crossing a beautiful beech forest, a natural temple of colors and silence. With me, leading the excursion, the actress Loretta Bonamente with her curious interventionsĀ šŸ˜‰
PROGRAMĀ Le Creste e la Faggeta del Martano - 09.00 am |Ā MEETING POINT in Sella Fossa di Giano, 06030 Giano dell'Umbria (PG) and departure of the trek. -Expected Return at about 3.00 pm. -Packed lunch. -Circular itinerary. Trekking difficulty: E-Medium (Hiking) | distance 11 km | height difference 650 m Duration: about 6 hours (including stops)
MANDATORY EQUIPMENT: Trekking shoes, long trousers and layered clothing suitable for the winter season. Hat, backpack, extra jacket, protective windbreaker, raincoat and water supply of at least 1.5 litres/person, OPTIONAL: trekking poles for those who are used to using them.
COSTS ā‚¬25/person including Guide Service and Insurance. Trekking not suitable for children and teenagers < 13/14 years. Children under 18 do not pay for the trek and must be accompanied by at least one parent. RESERVATION REQUIRED (within Saturday 27 January) 347-9425118 even whatsapp (Cristiano) cristianoceppi78@gmail.com